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Artist's Statement These paintings represent several series produced over a number of years. All are painted either on MDF board or plywood. All are produced with brush techniques and use acrylic paint. The ideas have gradually evolved with new images being introduced over a period of time. These images are intended to read like a "leitmotif", each one representing a symbol for a particular meaning, e.g. trompe l'oeil: what is real? Decay and translucency: things ephemeral. Peeling layers and repeated images: many realities. Structure: the natural laws of nature which hold reality together. In some paintings the the image continues under, through and beyond the frame; the frame motif being a mechanism that is trying to contain and measure reality. I would like to think that these paintings are contemplative and lasting artefacts.


~Leicester College of Art and Design - fine art and printmaking
Graphic Design
Painting - Northcott arts grant
4 years Head of Art - East London Secondary School
18 years Dartington Hall School Totnes
15 years Head of Art Brixham Community College

Exhibition History

~Liverpool John Moore's Open Painting Exhibition
Solo at Dartington Hall Galleries (twice)
The Davies Gallery , Torquay
Torre Abbey Gallery, Torquay
Theatre Royal, Plymouth
Ariel Centre Gallery, Totnes